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Industry-Leading Cloud Solutions for Government

With a firm commitment to IT modernization, Arctic IT Government Solutions leverages cutting-edge technology to empower agencies and bridge the gap between public services and the communities they serve. Our Microsoft and ServiceNow cloud solutions enable seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring citizens have easy access to vital information and services.

Why Arctic IT Government Solutions

We deliver robust, secure, and user-centric digital solutions that transform the way governments operate. As a native-owned organization, our certified team members have years of experience serving the public sector. From modernizing legacy systems to implementing data-driven strategies, Arctic IT Government Solutions is your trusted partner in building a brighter future for government services and citizen engagement.

IT Modernization Services

Business Application Modernization

  • Case Management: We build unique solutions on FedRAMP-certified cloud technologies which easily integrate existing IT systems.
  • ERP: We provide ERP solutions which meet federal standards for accountability.
  • Service Desk Management: We provide efficient and responsive service desk solutions to keep your agency’s operations running smoothly.
  • Asset Management: Effectively manage and optimize your IT assets to improve cost-efficiency.
  • Authority to Operate (ATO): Our team is experienced in achieving ATO for the new systems of records.
  • Maintenance & Help Desk Services: Our staff will manage vendor updates/upgrades to your applications, provide support for break/fix issues through our 24X7 Help Desk.

Program Management

  • Project Planning: Our expert program managers ensure your projects are well-planned and executed on time and within budget.
  • Risk Management: Mitigate risks effectively to achieve successful project outcomes.
  • Quality Assurance: We uphold the highest standards of quality in project delivery.
  • Change Management: Monitor and control changes to your IT systems, providing visibility to all stakeholders the impacts of any changes, and providing optimum uptime.

    Staff Augmentation

    • Skilled Professionals: Access a pool of highly skilled and experienced professionals to augment your team.
    • Flexibility: Scale your workforce up or down based on project demands.
    • Diverse Expertise: Our team offers a wide range of skills to meet your agency’s unique needs.

    Strategic Planning

    • Mission Alignment: Develop strategic plans that align with your agency’s mission and objectives.
    • Performance Improvement: Identify opportunities for improvement and growth.
    • Resource Optimization: Ensure the optimal allocation of resources to achieve strategic goals.
    Modern IT for federal government
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    Our Mission

    Arctic IT Government Solutions is dedicated to delivering transformative technologies that improve government operations for U.S. federal agencies.

    Solutions we Support

    Microsoft 365

    Enhance collaboration and productivity with Microsoft’s comprehensive suite.

    Microsoft Azure

    Leverage the cloud for scalable and secure solutions.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Commerce

    Optimize finance, commerce, and customer service operations.

    Microsoft Power Platform

    Build custom apps and automate workflows.

    Microsoft Fabric

    Easily connect and shape your data with unified data and analytics.

    Microsoft Power BI

    Gain intelligent insights from your data.


    Streamline IT service delivery and operations.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Harness the power of AI for more innovative solutions.

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